The virtual business card

11/11/2020, Sofie J. 

With more than a decade of experience in professional online marketing services and designing web-based solutions for our clients and partners, it is my role to share my professional expertise with you today.


I am here to help you understand why it is a necessity to have a website and how the right design, approach and digital footprint can be a game changer in the twenty-first century.


Reviewing 2020, you would most probably agree that it was a challenging year. On a personal and professional level, many people, businesses and institutes suffered from the economical effects of the worldwide pandemic.

Product (Website) –Price- People - Place (Website)

 P R O D E S I G N V I S I O N 

We witnessed businesses that reworked their exit strategy, not to lose everything they had before they packed-up and were never seen again. We observed businesses that struggled and held on to their beliefs, people and products in a unique, strong way that allowed them to just keep their heads up, above the surface.

Finally, we discovered businesses that either "just started out" or existing businesses that saw the pandemic as a business opportunity and went into a hibernation mode, only to redesign their digital footprint, uplift their services and rose up, stinger and better than ever before.

Which one of those scenarios does your businesses currently represent?

On a personal note, people changed their behaviour too. Worldwide lockdowns demanded us to stay indoors. Driven by the need to communicate and be connected to one another, we found other ways to stay in touch.

More than ever before, did we meet online, chat, discuss, read and buy.

What about yourself.  Do you feel that you spent more time online than usual?

Did your online behaviour change?

Was your credit card charged more often than usual?

People and corporate entities know, that the internet is the most efficient, convenient way to receive information, research, discover and learn.

You can use the internet to purchase a car, a burger, a laptop or a pair of jeans, equally convenient and easy.

What does this tell business owners?

 You must invest in your virtual shop.

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